Korthals Griffon Club of America

This page is for breeders with available authentic Korthals Griffon puppies. The KGCA does not endorse or recommend any breeder or breeding. The buyer should exercise due diligence when selecting a puppy. Due to the far reaching infiltration of the tan point gene, KGCA is not aware of any breeder or kennel unaffected by the hybrid issue. Every breeder has litters affected by the outcross. To determine if a griffon is an genuine Korthals griffon, a 10 generation pedigree is necessary looking for the hybrid parents. Our gratitude goes to Herrenhausen sporting dogs for providing this link to over 20,000 griffon pedigrees.

Mike and Danielle Wells, Idaho Wells Griffons, (208) 462-3219

Larry Harkins, Harkins Griffons (208) 308-8171 Idaho USA

Colleen Porter, Align Griffons Cheshire UK

Barbara Young, Herrenhausen Griffons 208-467-4460 Idaho

Brenda Swartz, BT Griffons   419-836-4175







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